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Succulents are plants that are capable of storing water, usually in fleshy leaves or swollen stems. Many succulents grow in harsh, arid conditions such as the desert. One of the best-known examples of this plant group are the cacti (Cactaceae). Succulent plants have been gaining in popularity due to the practice of xeroscaping (landscaping designed to reduce the need for irrigation). In addition to their use in xeroscaping, these plants are also ideal plants for the creation of greenroofs since their low height, waxy leaves, and ability to store water allow them to survive the harsh conditions found on rooftops. 

Succulents  collection
Ferocactus latispnus - Crows Claw Cactus
Haworthia coarctata
Aloe vera
Crassula falcata - Propeller Plant
Crassula ovata variegata - Variegated Jade Plant
Hoya carnosa - Wax Flower
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii - a grafted Neon Cactus
Succulents propagation area