The Durfee Conservatory
Durfee Conservatory

Tropical House

The Tropical House, our largest greenhouse, contains a variety of tropical and sub-tropical plants, including Banana (Musa species), Mexican Breadfruit (Monstera deliciosa), Rubber tree (Ficus elastica), Starfruit tree (Averrhoa carambola), Chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao) , Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet), and Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae).  In the center of this house is a 4,000 gallon fish pond traversed by a wooden bridge. Throughout the Tropical House you will find numerous benches which will allow you to relax among the lush tropical foliage. Students have found this greenhouse to be an ideal place to study while enjoying the natural sunlight and warm, humid air.

Tropical House Bridge and Fish Pond
Benches in Topical House
Codiaeum variegatum - Croton
Northeast section of Tropical House
Japanese Garden in Tropical House
Averrhoa carambola - Starfruit Tree
Stone Bench in Tropical House
Hymenocallis littoralis - Spider Lily
Southwest section of Tropical House